Conscious Birth is the result of Nadine O’Mara’s passion for supporting women and their families from conception to birth and beyond. As a senior yoga teacher and doula, Nadine has spent many years guiding women through the pivotal choices and experiences they have during pregnancy, birth and postnatally, helping them create the families of which they have always dreamed.

Moving one step further from Gandhis’ famous quote, she realised

 “we can be the change we want to see in the world, one child at a time

The way we birth our children can be the one of the most important experiences we will ever have. Nadine hopes that via labour support, guidance & yoga, women and their families are able to find faith in their own abilities to create, birth and love.

“I first discovered Nadine during my pregnancy when I started pregnancy yoga, and was so lucky I did. I loved my pregnancy yoga classes, and found them very healing for me. It was such a lovely time to connect with my baby and my body. Once my baby came along I couldn’t wait to get to Mum’s and Bub’s yoga with Nadine. Tuesday’s became our favourite day. It was such a great time to just focus on baby without the daily distractions. Nadine is such a wonderful teacher, with her background as a She Birth(R) educator and mother. We feel truly blessed to have had her support, guidance and knowledge. I would like her to be my doula for my second baby! ”    Sarah, Midwife

Bliss Baby Yoga In Person Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Bellingen 2023


Friday10th – 12th November 2023

Join Senior Bliss Baby Facilitator and Director Nadine O’Mara for this 22 hour IN PERSON Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive in beautiful Bellingen NSW Australia, which will equip yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees, and women’s health professionals with the skills and knowledge to safely and confidently teach yoga to women during all stages of pregnancy.


*Benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth
*Safety Guidelines for pregnant students
*Modifying the postures for the various stages of pregnancy
*The three trimesters: overview of physiological changes for
mum and baby
*Postural alignment for pregnancy
*Working with props for pregnancy
*Restorative Yoga for pregnancy
*Sequencing and the 5 Prenatal Posture Groups
*Yoga Nidra and Visualisation for pregnancy
*Partner Yoga for pregnancy
*Benefits & applications of squatting and pelvic floor toning
during pregnancy
*Sounding/Chanting for pregnancy and birth
*Special sequences for pregnancy
*Applied Anatomy for prenatal yoga: back or pelvic problems &
other common complaints
*Overview of Stages of Labour and Birth
*Yogic tools for labour
*Active Birth and Yoga

**Comprehensive course manual included.

Bliss Baby Yoga is internationally renowned for offering quality Yoga Teacher Training courses, with over 15 years of training hundreds of yoga teachers in this specialist field of yoga for women.

Nadine O’Mara (E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP, Yoga Australia Lvl 3 Teacher, DONA Certified Doula, B. App. Sc.) is a senior Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher, certified Doula, and director of Bliss Baby Yoga, who is passionate about supporting women’s health, especially around birth.

In addition to sharing her knowledge through contributing content to Bliss Baby Yoga online courses, Nadine provides doula support and yoga for women and their partners around Bellingen on the NSW Mid-North Coast, as well as birth education, self care and restorative yoga workshops for mothers, facilitates mother’s circles, family yoga and retreats for women and/or families. She greatly enjoys facilitating teacher trainings and workshops that help educate yoga teachers around pregnancy and birth so that they can take this knowledge to pregnant women everywhere! She believes that a gentle birth and the creation of a positive family life helps shape a more peaceful planet.

For more information, times and booking visit Bliss Baby Yoga/Events

If you have any other questions please contact Nadine here.


The Bellingen Shire is a rare and special place, host to a plethora of creativity, with an engaging culture. 

The town of Bellingen has a vibrant spirit and soulful character .and is nestled amongst some of the world’s most majestic and precious natural environment. Come for a couple more days to allow yourself time to explore this beautiful region on either side of your course!

The beautiful Bellingen river is the soul of this area with the township nestled on it’s bank. The very special Promised Land lies just west of town while a trip up Waterfall Way to Dorrigo is not to be missed. Untouched beaches lie only 15 minutes the other way, the Urunga boardwalk as well, and there is also the village of Sawtell with an art house cinema and restaurants 25 minutes away.


There are many wonderful places to stay in and around Bellingen town. Following are a few recommendations.

The Belfry Guesthouse is central, affordable and great value with share rooms if required.

The Bellingen Riverside Cottages are good for sharing and privacy with beautiful views.

Fernridge Farm Cottage has spectacular views and alpacas!

NB: The studio for the training is currently in the area of Fernmount in Bellingen Shire, 8 minutes drive from Bellingen. Should you need transport from accommodation in central Bellingen, this can be arranged. Please let Nadine know on the information form you will receive once you have booked.

Prenatal Yoga

A more comfortable pregnancy and preparation for birth and parenting

From 12 weeks after conception until birth – under an experienced doula and birth educator.

Prenatal yoga has been scientifically proven to create shorter labours, less complications, less pain relief and babies with better birth weights”. 


If you’ve never practiced yoga before, pregnancy is a wonderful time to start. Prenatal Yoga is accessible to all mothers to be, allowing you to access the benefits on the level that you feel comfortable with. It can help you experience the joys and adjust to the challenges that pregnancy, birth and motherhood present. From reducing the physical discomforts of pregnancy such as aching lower back, fatigue, gastric reflux and fluid retention to containing the emotional challenges like fear and anxiety about the birth and motherhood, yoga can help.

Prenatal yoga

As an established doula and birth educator, Nadine teaches techniques and active birth movements that she knows work in labour. Using real life experience, Nadine shares positive birth stories and tools to help you create a better birth.

The basic movements practiced during pre natal yoga are designed to strengthen, improve physical stamina and increase flexibility while simultaneously encouraging the baby into a better position for birth hence increasing the chances of a natural delivery. Attention given to toning pelvic floor muscles and lower back help both during labour and aid an easier post partum period. Complimentary breathing techniques facilitate labour physically and encourage the presence of mind required to create a calm birthing experience. As a result a more intimate connection with baby, both before and after birth is possible.

Nadine gave birth to two girls while living in the UK and practiced prenatal yoga regularly throughout both pregnancies. She attributes the calm water births she had to the physical and mindful practices she was taught by the experienced women caring for her and her unborn children throughout both pregnancies.  Nadine is the Director of Pregnancy Teacher Training Company Bliss Baby Yoga, has completed extensive training under DONA International, She Births®, the British Wheel of Yoga and the Birthlight Trust. She is a Level 3 Yoga Australia and YACEP® certified teacher.

Nadine is offering private classes only at this time. You may also like to gather a few interested mamas to be for a private group class. Please contact her for further details.


“Thanks for all your care & support throughout my many months of attending prenatal yoga. It was by far one of my favourite parts of my pregnancy and I looked forward to it each & every week. I will never forget how bonded I felt with my baby at that time and I know my pregnancy & labour benefitted immensely, and Liam is now benefitting too. He is very alert and calm & placid in nature, an amazing feeder & sleeper. ”    Penny



I have been supporting women in and around birth for many years now and I never stop feeling deeply moved by the experience of guiding a couple during one of the most important days of their lives.

Using a sound knowledge of birth and birthing techniques via training under DONA International, The Birthlight Foundation, and She Births (R) , I am able to support you and your partner throughout your birth. While midwives and obstetricians attend women during labour they are not available for continuous care (unless they are a home birth midwife). This is where the role of a doula can be highly beneficial in supporting a couple during birth.

The relationship between a doula and pregnant woman is very important. Unlike all doulas, you have the unique chance to create a solid foundation with me via weekly yoga classes before you give birth. We will also have two lengthy appointments with you and your partner to discuss your wishes for the birth.

If you are unsure of the role of a doula you can read more via this link. It has been found that continuous support during labour reduces a chance of C-section by 50%.

Please contact me if you would like to know more. Choosing who supports you in your labour is a very individual decision so please contact me so we can talk or come along to one of my yoga classes to get a better feel for our fit.

“Nadine. There are no words that could express my thanks to you for helping me get through my natural, drug free, conscious, and supported labour. You and Andy were amazingly strong and positive and thank you also for the 5 years of yoga, 6 months of pre-natal yoga and the birth education course to prepare. We all deserve an award!”  Amy

“Having Nadine as our Doula was the best decision we’ve ever made. Our birth didn’t start as we’d planned with Charlotte’s membranes rupturing at 31 weeks, but the minute Nadine arrived we knew everything was going to be okay. And it was – we had the birth of our dreams despite the odds being stacked against us, and that would not have happened without her. Her knowledge, experience and serenity were invaluable. Thank you Nadine from the bottom of our hearts – you are amazing!”  Charlotte and Gabby (Read more )

Private Birth Courses & Birth Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions

I offer private birth courses for first time couples in my home studio in Bellingen.

These courses cover (but are not limited to)

  • Hands on tools your partner can use to support you including acupressure, massage and rebozo techniques.
  • Active birth positions and optimal fetal positioning
  • How to use the power of your breath and sound during labour
  • The stages of birth
  • How our thoughts and beliefs can have a profound impact on the way we birth
  • Choices around intervention and pain relief
  • Breastfeeding
  • Knowledge for mindful parenting 

You will learn the skills your partner needs to support you in birth and a more in depth understanding of labour and birth than is ever offered in a hospital birthing course.

A 5 hour private birth mentoring session for you and your partner is $450.

You will receive resources to support you in practicing the skills you learn at home.

A three hour “refresher” session is ideal for couples or mums in preparation for their second or third birth especially if you have done a previous birth education course and would like to refresh your skills for this birth. A mentoring session can also be the perfect adjunct to completing online course so that Dad can learn practical tools for birth like massage, acupressure, rebozo and more.

A minimum 3 hr booking is required.

If you need to plan for a Family Centered & immune supportive caesarean section then a 2hr mentoring session is also ideal.

A private course or mentoring session allows couples to ask specific questions about their birth, debrief from previous births and be able to work with their individual needs, at a time that suits them.

Refresher sessions are $250 and are held at my peaceful home studio in Bellingen. You will also have resources to support your practice at home.

An extra consult closer to your due date is sometimes chosen by couples and can be scheduled face to face or on Zoom.